So Fresh, So Clean - 8oz Tin Candle (Wickless)

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So Fresh, So Clean - 8oz Tin Candle (Wickless)

Top: Ozone, Citrus
Middle: Sea Salt, Jasmine
Base: Violet, Cedar, Powder, Light Musk

So fresh, So clean is our #1 Candle scent seller. 

Immerse yourself in the aromas of waves crashing onto a rocky coastline with a storm brewing in the distance. This fragrance oil evokes the churn of the sea, wrapping the water, sand, and salt together into a clean and ozonic scent.

Top notes of lemon, orange, and fresh ozone give way to a heart of briny sea salt and a hint of jasmine. Powder and light musk balance the woody violet and cedar in the base. 

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