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Luxy Bar Co.

Lime, Ginger, & Sage Bar

Lime, Ginger, & Sage Bar

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Rejuvenate while banishing bad juju! This bar has a special herbal blend of Lime E/O, Ginger E/O, Geranium E/O, and Sage E/O. Lime E/O is known for its astringent properties as well as being antiseptic and antibacterial. Lime E/O and Sage E/O may also help to increase circulation and ease muscle and joint paint.

  • Active Ingredients include: Lime E/O, Ginger E/O, Sage E/O, Sage Leaves, Coconut Oil, and much more!
  • Designs may vary due to the uniqueness of each bar.
  • Each bar is hand-cut and weigh between 4.5-5.0oz. 
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