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Let's go ahead and get this out of the way. If you were born with clear, vibrant, glowing skin...this blog isn't for you. If you have never experienced social anxiety from the cause of a bad breakout...this blog isn't for you. If you don't know the struggle of picking, poking, and smushing the crap out of a pimple to get it to go down JUST so you have a somewhat normal looking face the next day then...this blog isn't for you. If this blog isn't for you...Congratulations! You are perfect.  You are the poster child for flawless Neutrogena/Noxzema/Clearasil skin. We salute you!

However, IF you have experienced one or all of the notable headaches mentioned above, then this blog IS for you. Gems will be dropped people! Keep reading. 

Mild Disclaimer: Now granted - the information and sources listed are MY OWN personal experiences with MY skin type. I am NOT a doctor. I do not claim to treat or cure any skin diseases or aliments. I just know what has worked for me. However, I felt compelled to share some of my successes and struggles because I believe they could ultimately help you (1) save a ton of money on products and skincare you really don't need, (2) save time, and (3) increase your confidence level. So without further ado, below you will discover the 5 REASONS WHY YOU DON'T HAVE CLEAR SKIN...YET.


1. Touching your face

I struggle with this one a lot! Sometimes you unconsciously find yourself gliding your fingers across your face in search of that little nasty protruding throbbing zit. Whether you are a picker, poker, or smusher like me (judgement free zone lol) - you know the struggle is real! As hard as it may be - DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! Touching your face is the quickest way to spread germs and bacteria (especially under your fingernails). Touching your face and spreading germs could cause you to have even more outbreaks. Try to avoid this as best as you can.

2. You are not cleaning your towels, wash cloths, pillowcases, sheets/covers, makeup brushes etc. as often as you should 

You should be swapping out your old towels, wash cloths, pillowcases, sheets/covers at least EVERY week. Dirt and oil buildup screams, "pimple infestation". Dirty sheets and towels can be blamed for breakouts and is the most commonly overlooked reason for skin issues as it relates to acne. Choose one day out the week to change your old sheets, towels, cloths, etc. and see how much of an improvement of your skin makes. This goes for cleaning your makeup brushes and beauty blenders too. 

3. You are not drinking enough water and/or eating right

This one right here used to bug the heck outta me. "You drink too much soda! You eat too much dairy products! You don't drink enough water!" As much as I hated to admit it, they were right....well somewhat. No one has figured out the SINGLE MAIN cause of acne. There are many contributing factors to your skin having a bad breakout. You could have an allergic reaction. It could be genetics. It could even be hormonal. Whatever it is, poor eating habits is not the ONLY reason why you don't have clear skin. However, as I grew older I realized that what you put in your body is the key to feeling AND looking better. Drinking enough water gives you skin a more naturally moisturized and youthful appearance. Doctors recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help rid the body of toxins. 

I'm not the best at utilizing this tip - but I am working on incorporating more water and fruit into my diet for an overall lifestyle improvement as well as physical appearance. Pray for me ya'll. 

4. Stress

We are creatures who live in a fast-paced, high demand, "now, now, now" culture. More than often you will experience some type of increased level of stress at work, at school, or even just with life in general. It is important to note that high stress levels can cause a chemical imbalance in your brain that in return causes you to have breakouts. According to dermatologists at Stanford University, high-stress levels can trigger an increased release of the hormone cortisol -  which is a direct correlation to acne, aging, and other skin related issues. 

I recommend logging the time in which you have a breakout to compare to the time you experience high-stress situations. Jot them down in your journal or add notes in your phone to track the timeline between your stress period and breakouts. Compare them to see if there is any correlation. Although it is hard to pinpoint stress as a main factor, having a bad breakout can cause stress in itself! 

Let's not forget the stress and social anxiety you already have to endure as you have interactions at work, school, and daily activities. So please try to take it easy!

5. You have not adopted a consistent skincare regime

If you are anything like me, you have tried everything on the market. From the most expensive to Do-it-yourself (DIY) homemade remedies. I am a self-declared product junkie! Anything as related to skincare and the improvement to my overall appearance will have me hooked. I'll try anything once! But in the past I found that to be my EXACT problem. I was using entirely too many products and I was not consistent with them. A little of this. A day of that. Nothing concrete to show results. I am here to tell you that consistency is key. What do you have to lose? I recommend religiously incorporating the THREE (3) basic steps in your skincare routine. Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.  For a gentle but purifying cleanser, I recommend you our No Filter Detox Bar. Loaded with tons of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the No Filter Detox Bar is guaranteed to reduce inflammation caused by acne and dark spots caused by hyper-pigmentation. For best results, No Filter Detox Bar should be used twice a day (Morning & Night). Anything else is supplemental to your basic regime. My supplementary steps include exfoliating at least twice a month and using a mask depending on the type of mask my skin needs at that moment. All are equally important to helping you proclaim healthy glowing skin that will never need a filter!





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